Easter Egg Decoration Ideas And Egg Blowing!

Posted on April 03, 2015 by Nicole Phillips
As Easter is upon us I thought I would share with you a project I decided to do with my daughter.

I haven't done this in ages but thought it might be fun to blow some eggs and decorate them for my spring tree.

First things first, get yourself some eggs, a sharp nail or needle, some toothpicks and a large bowl.

You begin by poking a hole in one end of the egg using the nail or needle depending on which you find easier. Do this slowly as it is easy to get impatient and try and rush and you end up getting a cracked egg! Next do the other end of the egg but make the hole a little larger this time. Poke the toothpick through the two holes to brake up the yoke and make it easier to blow through the egg.

For the blowing bit, make sure the egg is clean then put the egg to your lips and blow hard through the larger hole until you have all the egg yoke in the bowl below.

Make sure your egg is completely clean and dry then mix up some acrylic paints and get painting. Toothpicks can help again at this point to hold the egg and paint all at the same time! I like to use acrylics rather than dyes as it creates an opaque finish. I tend to paint flowers or fruit or anything that takes my fancy at the time.

This time I tried out a new technique using gold leaf. First I painted the eggs in a solid colour then I coated them with PVA glue and carefully applied gold leaf transfer onto the egg. Once it is dry use a large darning needle to thread your ribbon through the egg and tie a knot at the bottom and create a loop at the top. It's now ready to hang on your Spring tree.

Hope you have a lovely Easter and do have a go. Remember to keep them safe in an egg box for next year.

Love Nicole

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