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Nicole Phillips England was born from an idea in late 2012 when founder Nicole Phillips realised that her watercolour artwork was ideally suited to fabrics. As a trained ceramicist and watercolour artist, this step into home textiles has been challenging but a natural one. Supported by her husband Richard and our small team, Nicole runs our company from Midhurst in West Sussex.

Nicole Phillips England designs are all about trying something new and fresh. As a consumer herself, Nicole was frustrated with the “safe and same” high-street brands and their lack of originality. She was determined to create a new look, with designs that would stand out but still have a timeless quality to them. Her experiences of growing up by the sea and living in rural West Sussex are strong influences in all her work. Watch out for a wry sense of humour in many of our products. 

Everything we produce is made in Great Britain because we feel strongly about supporting manufacturing in GB. The benefit is we personally know all of the people involved in bringing our products to life. From Rosalind our graphic designer to Trisha the chief machinist, there is a real sense of pride from everyone in the team and we truly believe this shows in the quality of our final products.

As a fan of home cooking, sea food and fresh produce, Nicole also incorporates foodie influences into her designs whenever she can. We now have an extensive range of coastal and country products for the kitchen and home all featuring Nicole's own designs and original artwork.

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Nicole Phillips England


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